What is a Director?

I pose this question to you all…what is a director?

Ms. Barbara Teer
Ms. Barbara Ann Teer

According to the Webster-Merriam dictionary:

A director is a person who supervises the production of a show (as for stage or screen) usually with responsibility for action, lighting, music, and rehearsals. But is this to the extent of a directors job?

I keep close tabs on several different arts organizations, directors, playwrights, designers and actors from several newspapers around the world. I was saddened and embarrassed to know that Ms. Barbara Ann Teer, the founder of the National Black Theatre, had passed. She served as the director of this company for years. I want to share with you a quote that she wrote:

We must begin building cultural centers where we can enjoy being free, open and black,” she added, “where we can find out how talented we really are, where we can be what we were born to be and not what we were brainwashed to be, where we can literally ‘blow our minds’ with blackness.

I am embarrassed because I never knew of this woman and the contribution she has and had on Black Theatre. It makes me sad that I have been oblivious to what she has done. I want to know more about her. Her comments on art is poignant and reassuring that what I am doing is important!

Please check out her obituary from the NY Times. And then check out the celebration!

It seems as if Ms. Teer did way more than what Webster suggests. So I pose to you, let’s create a NEW definition of what a director really is…go ahead, answer it for me…what is a director?

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