Technology and Theater

I had a breakthrough some time ago while I was trying to figure out what type of theater I wanted to create. My friend Elise and I came up with a mission statement and several other things to get our theater company started. I mentioned before that Tyler Perry has great marketing strategies. One thing that separates theater from film is the distribution. Being able to service people all over the world with advertisements on TV and radio. So why doesn’t theater companies offer the same marketing. They tend to limit their advertising to postcards and posters, word of mouth, and if they have the money, they target bus and train systems. I thought it was odd that many theaters didn’t use the Internet to promote their companies.

All of a sudden as I was thinking this same thing, several young companies began writing blogs, uploading scenes to you tube and well, just becoming more technologically savvy. I knew I was doing something right when I started this blog, I have a facebook page for my company, I have a youtube channel, and we’re working on the website, outside of a myspace page.

I found an article in the PerformInk, a performing arts trade paper here in Chicago. I was shocked to hear that many theaters are starting to embrace the technology age. You gotta get with the sign of the times. Get your business out there. Soon or later, email will be extinct and all that we will have is Twitter, social networking sites and blogs. I’m glad I took a step in this direction.

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