Happy New Year! Get your taste of the A La Carte; Black Eyed Peas Edition

The founders and board member of the TCC
The founders and board member of the TCC

Greetings Circuiteers!

Happy New Year!  As we forage onto a new year, I wanted to take this time to thank  you all for supporting The Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit.  We have been working tirelessly to spark innovative conversations for the A La Cartes.

This month, we will be hosting The Victory Gardens Theatre as we present a conversation on gentrification and “selling out!”

Join us as we speak with Andrea Dymond and cast members of “Living Green” a World Premiere by Gloria Bond Clunie.

Along with these talented artist, we have several Bronzeville business owners that will share their views on the Bronzeville neighborhood and art.

You don’t wanna miss this insightful and entertaining discussion.  Don’t forget, there is still limited space to present your work-in-progress to the A La Carte-The Black Eyed Peas Edition…get it?

Monday, January 12, 2009
Digital Youth Network
1050 East 47th Street
Chicago, IL

6:30-8:30 p.m.

We’re listening…
Sydney & Elise
Your Co-founders of The Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit

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