The Plot Thickens; Racism? Money? Truth?

Ever since Mr. Obama won the presidency, we keep hearing that same phrase: “Post-Racial” society.  It seems like things haven’t really changed.  The issue of race still exists as high as the Oval office and spans to even art.  Mr. August Wilson, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and black playwright has a revival of “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone” at the Lincoln Center in New York being directed by white director, Bartlett Sher.  Mr. Wilson expressed his opposition of white directors staging his work.  This subject has sparked a lot of controversy.  Several black directors are angered by the lack of opportunity for them on Broadway.  Hiring Bartlett Sher to stage Mr. Wilson’s work has spawned a conversation with The Tofu Chitlin‘ Circuit.  This topic isn’t just about race but about gender and sexuality.  More white men are given the opportunity to direct Broadway produced shows.

Read director Marion McClinton’s views on the topic.

Associated Press Photograph
Associated Press Photograph

Racism Raised

NY Times  Photograph
NY Times Photograph

Controversy over the validity of Mr. Wilson’s plays

Bartlett Sher directs August Wilson's "Joe Turners Come and Gone"
Bartlett Sher directs August Wilson's "Joe Turners Come and Gone"

Race an Issue in Wilson’s play, and in it’s Production

Mr. Wilson
Mr. Wilson

August Wilson’s The Ground on Which I Stand

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