We’re all in this Together…

So I know what you’re thinking, High School Musical?  Albeit cheesy, I couldn’t think of a better song that expressed how I felt on Monday during our A La Carte.  We are all in this together.  We all may have different experiences but it’s important that we come together and support the efforts of others.  So in an effort to support, I’m sharing the events that are up and coming from our panelist.  After the list, check out the other “Together” songs that might spawned some retro memories!  Enjoy!

Our generous sponsor, Court Theatre is producing August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson.  Share with us as we bring a group to see this wonderful play!

Adam Thurman, Director of Marketing with Court Theatre has an amazing marketing Blog that’s refreshing, insightful and funny.  Check him out at Mission Paradox.

Vaun Monroe produces “Character Sheet” by Harry Bauer TODAY, Wednesday April 29th @ 7 p.m., Pulaski Park Auditorium, 1419 W. Blackhawk St. Admission $5. Chicago ScriptWorks

Kristoffer Diaz playwright of The “Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity” is looking for an African-American male actor to play a charismatic wrestler in its’ Premiere at the Victory Gardens Theatre.  Check out more at the  Victory Gardens Theatre 2009-2010 Season Line Up

Dionna Griffin-Irons gave away two tickets to see “No Money, Mo’ Problems” at Second City.  Check out her show at Second City Diversity Outreach

Elizabeth Margolius brings together directors from the world to practice the art of directing at Directors Lab Chicago apply today!

Derrick Sanders invites you to attend “Sanctified” with Congo Square Theater Company.
Sanctified by Javon Johnson

Harvey Young, Assistant Professor of Theater at Northwestern University is writing a book and creating a historical database about Black theater in Chicago, he’s looking for stories from audience members, creators, producers  housed at Northwestern University.  Email him for more details at Harvey Young Assistant Professor of Theater

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