What others are saying about The Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit

New Circuiteers!

Here, in the kitchen of  The Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit we have been preparing (theater) food for the soul! Each month we mix together audience members and artist as they dish out their opinions on different theater topics.

We want to say congratulations and thank you for joining a revolutionary idea that most theaters overlook, and that’s, bringing the audience into the conversation and creation of theater.

Still not sure? Don’t take our word for it, read what others had to say:

“The entire thing [A La Carte] became this amazing conversation about civic duty and pride and why there were no theaters on the south side. People talked about loving their community and hating segregation in Chicago. Thanks TCC….mmm tofu chitlin’.” Will Rogers, Director of Audience Development at Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago.

“For the serious theater-goer or the novice seeking to learn more, the “A la Carte” presents a great forum to share ideas with others who are actively engaged in or simply interested in the creative process. The program is always impressively planned and generally include theater professionals and/or academic experts. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, the attendees – diverse and the food – yummy!” Stephanie Green, Founder of Soleil’s To-Do http://www.soleilstodos.com/

“First off I’d like to Thank Sydney for inviting me to one of the most intellectually and spiritually stimulating nights I’ve had in years. What a collection of soulful artists and brawny brainpower you put together, I plan on making every event you schedule from now on.” Vaun Monroe, Assistant Professor of Film/Television at Columbia College

Calling all audience members, artist, and “Circuiteers!” Don’t get caught in the dark any longer! This month join us as we explore: “The House is Empty: Where has the audience gone?” As ticket prices increase…the audience size decreases. How do we keep patrons coming back for more?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. FAIE AFRICAN ART 4317 S. Cottage Grove

We’re listening…
Sydney & Elise
The Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit Founders

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