I’m really bad at this blog.  I simply can’t seem to be consistent with it when I have so many other things to do.  By day, theater teacher to the stars.  My little shining stars at the University of Chicago Charter School (NKO campus) and by night, part-time theater critic for Soleil’s To-Do and Co-Founder of The TCC.

I love theater, I really do. All of it.  From the gum under the seat to the sticky floors to the graffiti bathrooms in seedy places.  I love it all and I really miss it.  It’s been about a year since I’ve directed a play.  You’re probably wondering what have I been doing in that time?  I had a baby.  Not a human baby but a theater conservatory I like to call The Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit.

Here I go, starting over it seems with a new project called “Black Thang” by Ato Essandoh.  I’m really excited and nervous about it. Will people like it?  Will I be able to cast it?  Will people see the passion, love and respect for theater I have in this piece?  Will I be able to step out of the way to create a work that speaks to my vision as a director?

My baby is developing, we’re in the crawling phase.  Well not quite crawling yet, but kinda like that side ways,Vietnam elbow to the ground on your stomach drag.  I’m quiet humbled by the experience, the people and the creators grace this year, it’s taught me a lot about focus, strength and determination.

While you ponder your year and what it has brought to you, ponder this-sometimes we have to crawl back to what we love.  It’s the only way to enter into your greatness.

(And although Chris Brown may be going through his own trails, I really thought the song was powerful.  Even if he didn’t write it or even if it’s a sorta apology to Rihanna and all the many fans he’s hurt or lost.  He’s starting over…shouldn’t we as humans have a little bit of compassion?  Enjoy the words.)

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