You got a big ego…

Someone asked me the other day to give them some critic on their show.  Now, I go and see a lot of theater and all different types of theater performances for that matter.  I don’t know why I’m considered the quintessential hater. But for some reason, people automatically think that I won’t like certain plays because of their own purist ideologies of what theater should be.  But anyway-I’ve been given a bad rap.  I do have an opinion and I know that theater is subjective; but there are structural things that artists need to be aware of.  All I say is do whatever you want, buck the system but don’t try and create work that fits into the typical structure of theater and not adhere to it.  

But I digress.  I sat down to have this conversation and as I tried to be tactful but honest, I wonder do we really want criticism or are we fishing for compliments?  What’s wrong with being totally honest with someone?  Will that bruise their ego?  Is that ego too big? 

Sir Ken Robinson said (via his twitter)  “If you’re not prepared to be wrong you’ll never come up with anything original.” Sometimes if we don’t fail then we never realize how hard we need to work to make our dreams a reality.  Sometimes we have to take constructive criticism that will push us harder.  I just hope I don’t eat my own words in January.  I hope I can back it up. Until then…don’t get too mesmerized by Beyonce’s gyrating booty…but heed [some] her words.  “You got a big ego/Such a huge ego/I love his big ego/It’s too much/He can back it up…”

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