Jay-Z did what?

OMG!  I can’t belive it! Did you see this?  Shawn Carter, Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith have done something REVOLUTIONARY! I can’t believe  it!  These hip moguls have done the ultimate in “supporting the arts” by signing up to be the newest producers of “Fela!” currently running on Broadway.  

This is a huge leap for theater; especially black theater.  When black producers with such clout and a huge built in audience decide to back a project like this you know it’s got to be special.  I think everybody should see this show.  It should be just as massive as ‘RENT’ or ‘WICKED’.  We have to support our own.  The arts aint dead yet!  Read the review here and let  me know what you think!  I’m really going to squeeze some penies together to see this show.  Not because they told me too, but because I love Fela the artist and this looks like a wild ride!  



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