You’re a director…not an actor sweetie!

So, I decided that I’m going to use my God-given talents.  Not a lot of people know that I’m a singer, photographer, painter, writer, or even quasi-actor.  I don’t really showcase those sides of me.  They all come in handy when I’m working with other actors however, it is not my first choice.  I have a filmmaker friend who’s asked me to help him cast actors in his projects and then turned around and asked me to act in one.  I was taken aback…am I an actor?  I have never, NEVER had the desire to act after spending time at IU because I was so focused on directing.

But I said that I would challenge myself to do something that showcases…me!  So I had my first acting audition…EVER.  Yeah, I know that might sound strange.  But I have spent many-a day behind the casting table.  Now the tables were turned and there was a big camera staring at me in the face.  Luckily I didn’t wear my contacts.  I took my glasses off-did a little stretching (I was nervous as hell) and performed my monologue.

That’s some hard ass stuff to do.  I say this all of the time but I envy actors.  They share themselves audition after audition, night after night.  I felt really great afterwards.  My director friend gave me a thumbs up!  He said…”Where did you get that piece from?” -Well, I…I wrote it (I don’t condone writing your own monologues however, he asked me to prepare one 2 days ago and I have a difficult time remembering lines, lyrics to songs, my own phone number for goodness sake.) He thought that it was pretty powerful.  He said he couldn’t tell where the piece was going; if I was going to cry; lash out-he enjoyed the twist at the end.

Well, I guess I’ll add one more title to my list of attributes.  I’ll let you know if I got the part.  To my actor friends; what is the most challenging i.e. nerve racking thing about auditioning.  To my director friends; what are some techniques you can give my acting friends?


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