Yo Gabba, Gabba & Mos Def

Mos Def must’ve been channeling his other creative talents when he loosens the BK swag, dons a wig and cape for this Yo, Gabba Gabba episode.  I appreciate him for trying new things and I love how he doesn’t take himself so serious…he did go to school for the performing arts by the way.  But I wonder how this conversation came up?  Check out my script entitled “Life in Marvelous Times.”

MANAGER:  (Calling enthusiastically.)  Yo, Mos I gotta project you’ll really love!  Where are you?  Where are you?

MOS:  (Waking up from a nap; reluctantly answers.)  Quiet Dog, [ya]Bite [is] Hard, en mi Casa Bey!

MANAGER:  I got this project that will give you a broader fan base that reaches the Millenia generation.  You’ll sell out Chuck E. Cheese and birthday parties!

MOS: (Perks up.)  Even Auditoriums?  (Suspicious) What is your Priority?

MANAGER:  It’s to find great projects that explore all of your wonderful talents.  Look the audition is Saturday.  I’ll even buy you Roses!

MOS:  No, No Hay Nada Mas quiero!

MANAGER:  Ok, what else?

MOS: A pretty vocal coach and Pretty Dancers.

MANAGER: Stay focused Mos!

MOS: Ok, I’ll probably need the sides-can you tell me the History of the project?

MANAGER:  The scene will have you in a cape and wig and even using those fabulous singing skills.

MOS: Wahid!  I aint going out like no sucka’ man!

MANAGER: No, no…trust me!  I know what’s up! Remember…the youth are important.

MOS: I know I can make it (dreamy) Super[…]magic[al]!

MANAGER: See!  Have fun!  Great way of looking at it.

MOS:  You’re going to have to set me up in The Embassy suites so that I can focus.

MANAGER:  Anything you’ll need.  I got you!

MOS:  (Doubtful) I had some Revelations about this in a dream once-I’m not sure this is a great idea.

MANAGER: Come on man!  Just do it…if you don’t like it; we’ll tell them not to air it.

MOS:  Don’t have me bring my Pistola!  I don’t wanna have to hurt anybody!

MANAGER: Now all of that isn’t necessary.  We’ll do the shoot at night-it will be fast and painless.

MOS: Hmmm, Twilite Speedball…I like that!

MANAGER: Look man, I gotta go.  Don’t forget your loafers and those socks.  Holla!

MOS: Peace.

Thanks SoulBounce


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  1. roadlesswandering April 5, 2010 — 7:26 am

    Towards the end it was pretty fun. Mos was flipping his hair and posing for the camera.

  2. Anita Thomas-Wilson April 5, 2010 — 8:51 pm

    People underestimate his talent. He is very versatile and a joy to watch!

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