Really?  Every musical director, lyricist, producer dead and alive would turn over in their grave if he ever made it to Broadway.  T-Pain is a pretty shrewd business man.  Calling his latest show on Adult Swim a musical is hilarious and sad…don’t quick ya day job Faheem Rasheed Najm.  Yeah, that’s his real name. Ladies & Gents I present for your scrutiny and jeers…Freaknik: The Musical.  That’s right folks, Mr. AutoTune has been quoted as saying he’s “always wanted to create a cartoon” and thought this would be a great concept. Apparently there are 8 parts on Youtube.  I only could handle the first 3.  Satire?  I’m sure he wasn’t planning on us taking this serious.  Somebody did. But now that I think about it…it can’t be as bad as watching Mary Poppins the musical or Tarzan for that matter.  Maybe T-Pain is onto something…maybe not!



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  1. This is the part of the article that got me, “Weidenfeld said he was fascinated at how people have chosen to focus on negative aspects of the festival (there were numerous reports of men openly disrespecting women), despite being a launching pad for a number of rappers.”
    That leaves a bad taste in my mouth for one reason. It sounds like the writer was saying, yeah a few women were disrespected, possibly with rolling eyes and sucking teeth, but who cares. Look at all the rap careers that were launched! Look at all these men who made money from disrespecting women. Can you believe it? I mean, “Snoop Dogg did his role, they all have great memories of Freaknik.” Of course they have great memories, they were probably hoein it up with the best of them. They also mention Outkast, but really to list only two artists as having successful careers post-freaknik isn’t actually a badge of honor. Oh well, now a’days you don’t have to have talent! You just have to have good management!

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