Samurai Sunday: 36 Chambers of Shaolin

What seems like a typical kung-fu story is embedded with true lessons of self.  In the flick 36 Chambers of Shaolin a.k.a. Master Killer, San Te (Gordon Liu), a student learning the ways of ethics and education looses everything that means something to him in the Manchu ran government.  Devoted and determined to avenge his teachers’ death; he sets out on a path of enlightenment to learn Kung-fu.  Only monks are allowed to learn and he proves himself worthy to them with his self-determination and tenacity.  San Te got me to thinking about my own purpose. The trails that he had to endure to become “The Master Killer” assists in his pursuit of finding the men who killed his only family.  His arrogance is humbled, his wit and resilience tested.  Check out this scene from the film.  A must-have in your library!

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