Movement Mondays: I’m moving to South Africa!

I don’t know where this came from but for years I have been talking about moving to South Africa.  I love the art, the scenery, the music and of course the theater!  Give me another 3 years and I’m outta here!  In between working on this huge project for The Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit (that I will reveal in time),  I have been doing a lot of research.  Everything posted on this blog is for a reason. There are no random moments or trends I’m trying to write about.

Entering center stage is  DJ Black Coffee.  He’s a South African DJ versed in tribal rhythms laced with smooth vocals and a house tempo.  The project that we’re working on will include music such as this to tell quite a wonderful narrative of a woman scorned by love (don’t worry; it’s not a male bashing play.  It actually is a bit uplifting.)  I wanted to share with you this hawt, hawt song!  You can’t do anything else but move!  Enjoy!


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