Tune in Tuesdays: YEAH YEAH!!

Colman Domingo was the most intriguing of the actors in Passing Strange written and narrated by Stew.  Out of context, you wouldn’t be able to follow this clip.  He does a hell of a job.  Transforming into these characters seamlessly.  Passing Strange uses music that’s right up my alley.  The tunes are infectious, the music is alive with soulful rock ballads and courageous guitar riffs.  The staging is short of amazing.  Spike Lee loved the show so much that he decided to film it.  Now THIS is how a theater performance should be filmed.  Definitely a must have in your DVD collection!

Changing gears and moving towards a different genre of music; Fela! the musical made it to Broadway through the help of Shawn Carter, Will & Jada Pinkett Smith.  I’m happy to report that Fela! received a total of 11 nominations for The Tony Awards this year. This will be the FIRST time I actually watch The Tony Awards sans the time my friend Justin was on it with the cast of Rent.  CONGRATS Fela!  They say they’ve never seen anything like this on Broadway.  Well, hold on to your knickers and enjoy the ride!!  THIS is what Broadway should be!

I just enjoy the diversity and insight that these two musicals represent.  These are magical, reverential pieces of work that changed the genre; slapped it on the butt and had it asking for more! My love for the musical, albeit complex, has been restored (slightly).

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