Movement Mondays: The Footwork Edition

When I think of Chicago, several things come to mind: Da Bears, Maxwell street polish, deep dish pizza, Harold, The Sears Willis Tower and House music.  Chicago is the originators of House…don’t be fooled by the copy cats!

But one thing to emerge from Chicago that has spawned several variations around the Midwest to the South is Footwork.  The hyper-energetic, street tango that is quite mesmerizing-hypnotizing really.  The music that the footworkers dance to is House music on an acid trip.

MTV , hosted by Sway, gave an in dept look into the Chicago scene through the program My Block.

I found out that Chicago’s Jukin’ has some roots in Memphis with Jookin’ and Buckin’.

And if you want to get really-really explorative you can see the similarities in Africa.

Look at the audience fashioned in a Theater-in-the-Round setting as the dancer or actor is in the center.  Pretty powerful stuff.  Enjoy Movement Monday!


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  1. roadlesswandering May 21, 2010 — 8:34 am

    One the music from the first one was sick! But why they gotta’ take off a shirt after each move!LOL!Okay, I thought King was aight til he did the body shake thing.That was cold! Then ole’ boy came back wit it! Sick!

    You know what I like, jukin’ doesn’t have none of that pretentious African dance mess in it. New York sticks African dance moves in every house track. Chi just doin’ they thing!

    Okay, Ladia is like a human rubber ball with olive oil rubbed on it. She is slippery! But I have to say, it’s different than jukin’. She has her own category to me. She has a lot of training and smoothness to her moves. She seems like she’s in total control.

    Watched the last clip with the African dancers, I have to say, most people who “do” African dance, don’t do these moves. They seem to have another set of moves that they subscribe too.

    Good work TCC!

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