Tunes x Tuesday: The Janelle Monae Edition

The other day I watched the 1927 science fiction, silent film Metropolis by Fritz Lang.  The Wondaland Arts Society asked Trivals to come up with 18 reasons to buy Janelle Monae’s album.  I didn’t think you needed 18 reasons but while watching the film, I came up with my own.  Janelle Monae’s The ArchAndroid album is in stores and online today!

18.  1+8=9 and 9 is the supreme number.

17.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for…the evidence of things not seen.

16. We are not the sins of our fathers.

15. Tomorrow thousands will ask in anguish, where is my son?

14. Moves, movies and machinces transcends nostalgia.

13.  Emotion Picture-a term used to describe what your heart can’t see but what it feels.

12.  Love is free.

11.  Science fiction never sounded so good!

10.  Pre-ordering a CD makes you wait longer…so buy it online today!

9. No need to explain this silhouette.

8.  Those superlatives in high school will have to change the Most Unique category to the Most Monae.

7. Sometimes it’s not about money it’s about how you feel.

6. Doppelgängers are real.

5.  The Greats: James Brown, Jackie Wilson, Josephine Baker, &  Janelle Monae-all first names start with a J.

4.  My niece Jayla inspires me too.  

3.  The term “sex sells” will be replaced with “imagination sells.”

2.  Thrivals are born…not made!

1.  Janelle Monae is the mediator between the hands and the brains.

When you believe in something…it doesn’t matter how much you will spend; albeit time, money, or energy.  A lesson learned.  Monae is a great example of how to do it!  With a comic book releasing soon and a music video for every song…all 18 on the album-she has raised the bar.  Don’t be “impressed” by her music-be inspired.  I have.

Just listen to this song and thank me later!



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  1. This album is a song to my heart. Dance or Die gets me amped in the morning! Sir Greendown takes me to a wonderful place, I live in my mind. And the list goes on.

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