Whose World is this Wednesday: Puffy’s on Inside the Actor’s Studio and other WTF!

I like Sean Combs. Not Puffy, Puff Daddy, P-Diddy or whatever he wants to be called.  I like the brand he’s created.  He’s able to flow through so many circles of friends.  He has street cred, music cred, fashion cred, and now acting cred? Homeboy is chillin’ on Inside the Actor’s Studio. I almost lost my lunch when I saw this.  Ratings in the slump? Add Sean Combs. He’s also seen on Ellen Degeneres promoting my fav artist…JM.  Shouldn’t he be taking a nap or revitilizing Escapes career? Either way-Enjoy.



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  1. Sean has been making it happen for a looooooooong time.. I am proud of him..

  2. I don’t have a problem with Sean Combs. I just wonder does ITAS loose credibility because they chose to feature him? He’s not as accomplished as the other actors, writers and etc who have participated in the show. It does feel like a Sweeps Week moment.

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