Theatre Thursdays: I Get it From My Momma!

About 4 years ago I won a gift certificate to Broadway in Chicago.  A $100 gift certificate to be exact.  I didn’t cash it in until today.  I took my mom to see Billy Elliot.  The critically acclaimed “Musical of the Decade” by Time Magazine.  I think what I appreciated the most was my mother’s excitement.

Thinking we’re going to be late, I rush my poor mother down Randolph to State just to get there on time, denying her eagerness to share her thoughts after the first number and telling her how I didn’t really like the musical-made for the best moments in the theater of my entire life! (I hope you feel the sarcasm.)

I know it sounds horrible but I learned something about myself. I’m a theater snob. I don’t like to be late, I turn off my cellphone and I get pissed when someone climbs over me to get to their seat. No literally climbs over me.

I didn’t get THIS from my momma, so how did I turn into the poor pretentious Prima Donna (cuz I assume most pretentious Prima Donnas have money…but not this one!)

I had to have a reality check with myself during the second half, just enjoy it. I looked over at my mom smiling all cuddled in that scarf (cuz the AC was on Artic!) and relaxed. I’m too blessed to be stressed!  Sometimes that energy can ruin a great moment.

It was like coming back full circle; she introduced me to musicals as a kid (I still hum “Bye, Bye, Birdie” from time to time).  I’m glad I had that experience-bought the t-shirt, program and a little key chain.  I’ll always have that memory.  See I got that from my momma!

Peace to the Ma’ Dukes! You still teachin’ me, even when I’m resistant to it! Happy Birthday!!



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  1. I love this!!! I had the same expereinece, took my mother to see the color purple and i acted the same way until I saw the joy in my momma’s eyes… priceless!

  2. Amazing! These are times you will always remember…just you and your mom! Here’s to healing for the soul!

  3. Lesson learned!
    Loved the picture at the end! Glad you had a nice time! One thing about Momma, it’s just doing something she likes that brings a smile to her face. She doesn’t care about the politics of it all. Glad you two had a nice time!

  4. Nice!

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