Movement Mondays: Bears Win!


Yes, I’m a Bears fan.  Back in 1985 when they won the Superbowl, John H. Vohr elementary school in Gary, Indiana had a pep rally.  (Gary is in the middle of the map baby so we affectionately call it The Region!  Colts football was not even an option.) I came in an orange t-shirt with blue sweatpants, orange and blue hair ribbons and the number 34 painted on my cheek.  My mom made us homemade pom-poms and I wore my Punky Brewster gym shoes (irregardless of how you say it…I’m from the G!).  I was pumped.  The afternoon was filled with speeches by our principal Mrs. White, our gym coach-Coach Wind, cheers by the cheerleaders and finally we watched The Superbowl Shuffle.  It was a grand time!  Teachers were slapping high-fives, students-friend and foes-were hugging and beaming!  We were so elated.

I was tried and true!  I knew the starting lineup.  I loved “The Fridge” and hated arrogant Mike Singletary (at least that’s what my momma called him),  I thought Willie Gault was fine and Walter Payton was all mine!

I think I liked it so much because it was something that I shared with my dad.  Even when I’d ask a thousand questions he’d answer them or tell me to hush up when there was a play on the field. It was the closest I’d ever been to my dad.  I love football for the strategy, organization, formations, plays, blitzes, energy, air defying leaps and bounds and of course Bears touchdowns! Time literally stands still in a football game.  It’s amazing to see how the yards are gained or reduced depending on the play.

I watched the Bears vs. Cowboys on Sunday and thought to myself.  Where did all of the fun go?  It didn’t feel like ’85.   People shoutin’ obscenities at the screen and kicking rocks and -ish like that!  What happened to the love for the game?  Could you imagine someone coming up to your job saying you suck week after week?   These guys are human you know.

I just want football to go back to the glory days.  Before the bazillion dollar contracts, players being indicted and tons of those damn commercials.  When I had my daddy around to ask him questions.


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  1. Great post! What you are saying is so true, too true. I also remember watching football with my dad, and there was a certain team spirit, a love for the game. Except, we weren’t watching the Bears. We were rooting for the Eagles! And, I don’t remember any of the players’ names, mostly because I was wrapped up in spending time with my dad and being corrected when I cheered for the wrong move and praised when I finally got it right. But this Sunday I was watching football and turned to my husband and said, “The game of football has changed. It is no longer about the game. It’s about the multi-million dollar contracts.” Players are no longer committed to a team. They just follow the dollar bill.

  2. Thanks Tonya, I agree with you about the game. Thanks for posting! Share the blog with your lists! Thanks again!

  3. roadlesswandering September 26, 2010 — 6:04 pm

    I feel you! When I see all of these people from the G supporting the Colts, I’m like,when did that happen? I def remember cheering for the Bears!
    21 hours ago · Like

  4. Sometimes it’s not about nostalgia…it’s about being apart of a winning team. I remember going to a Superbowl party when both the Colts & the Bears were playing. The ads seemed to focus on the “achievements” of Black Americans and I almost died. It was hella’ convenient to center the ads around Black folks…was it pure marketing strategy or just plain exploitation? Either way it annoyed me that I was bombarded with a Rosa Parks Coca Cola ad during the Superbowl. And further more…I didn’t enjoy the comparisons, the preachy-God fearin’ attendees who only wanted to root for the Colts because Dungey was a “church man.” As if they know the intent of Lovie’s heart? It took away the love for football and turned it into an agenda. Wasn’t really feelin’ that-So yes, I agree with you RW. Totally.

  5. I’ve tried but I’ve never seen a entire fottball game in my life. Neither I have seen an entire basketball or baseball game. And golf? FORGET IT! I’ve never been interested at all. I find them all so BORING!

  6. Yeah I’ve always really funny about that my whole life. I just can’t get into that stuff. I can’t even fake an interest

    However a friend of mine did hit it on the head once. She said my problem is that regular sports are not extreme or masculine enough for me. What I really want is for gladiator games to come back. She meant the real deal. Gladiators fighting in the arena to death with lions and all that and she’s right. That’s exactly what I want. Now THAT’S not boring

  7. I also remember that time you speak of at Vohr Elementary school. I remember we sung the “Superbowl Shuffle” song in one of our classes. It must’ve been music class. But we were practicing that song for like that whole week. It’s funny you mention Coach Wind. I haven’t heard that name in years. And Ms. White? Wow the wonderful memories at Vohr. You should write a blog about Vohr. I remember recess and us going outside to play on the monkey bars! I also remember we had to take classes in them small little buildings outside(they looked like sheds). lol…

    But back to the Bears…Hopefully they can get their act together this week. The lost to NY was disappointing. However, I still think that they are playoff material this season! Let’s go Bears!

    • Those small sheds were called the Annex. I remember hearing “Mr. Telephone Man” by New Edition on a record player during Ms. McKinney’s music class. I also remember learning “Che Che Cole” by Hector Levoe in her class as well. I didn’t remember learning the Superbowl Shuffle but I vaguely remember that. Mrs. White lives in Illinois. She’s a minister now. I heard that Coach Wind has passed but I’m not sure. But yes, our beloved Bears are a clutch team…they will pull through! Too bad it’s getting too cold to enjoy those night games. Thanks for your reply!

      • The Annex… ok! And yes I remember that record player in Ms. McKinney’s (thanks for the name reminder) class. That’s the same record player they played the SuperBowl Shuffle song on! Funny. And I did hear about Coach Wind. R.I.P.

        And those cold games can always be enjoyed indoors!

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