Tunes x Tuesday: You betta sang YahZarah!

Dana Nicole Williams/YahZarah/Purple St. James is a tour de force of theatrical eye candy, vocal adrenaline, sensuality and über sexuality.  This girl is BAD ASS!  She’s a woman’s best friend and her worse enemy.  Because she is your boos’ fantasy! It’s not just about her body, or her eyes but her stage presence.  She is so underrated.  She wraps circles around Nikki Minaj, Lil’ Kim & Beyoncé.  Yeah I SAID IT…Eat me!  She stopped by Chicago for the Hennessey tour and gave a free show at The Darkroom with Duane Powell & Howard Bailey as host, DJ Jay Too (The DJ yo’ momma love) and tone B Nimble on the ones and twos!

Check the video…Nuff Said.



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  1. I love her collabs with Little Brother and the Justus League! Great Post!

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