Whose World is This Wednesdays: Mic Check 1-2-1-2! The Hip-Hop Theatre Fest is 10!

Ten years chipping away at something will garner results. The Hip Hop Theater Festival has been going strong for several years now.  Founded by Danny Hoch and under the artistic direction of Kamilah Forbes, they have forged a much needed voice within the theater community. The Hip Hop voice. They tried bringing this to Chicago a couple of years back but it didn’t nearly have a strong presence as it does in NY. The festival is celebrating 10 years in the game with some promising line-ups.  Radha Blank’s Seed is becoming a festival favorite.  If you’re in NY you should check it out!  The fest runs from September 25-October 16, 2010.  Check out this clip!

Seed By Radha Blank from Hip-Hop Theater Festival on Vimeo.


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  1. I guess most Chicagoans don’t appreciate Hip Hop as those in New York. I wonder how did that go about promoting this event in Chi-town?

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