Whose World is this Wednesdays: Get into the ACT! Sister Act comes to Broadway

Why hadn’t I seen this before?  With the success of Oprah Winfreys’ The Color Purple and Regina Taylor’s Crowns.  We need another big Black Gospel Musical with lots of shouting, catching the holy ghost and soul clapping!  You’d be remiss not to want to produce the staged version of Sister Act.  Alas dear Circuiteers, it’s coming to Broadway.  But not without sometime spent in London’s West End.  Apparently Ms. Goldberg herself assisted in producing this show.  Check out a clip from the AP.

It would  be nice to have a version of Joyful, Joyful featuring Lauryn Hill!  Talk about a comeback!

But I think the focus of this Broadway installation would take from the original film.  I think right after this Lauryn Hill joint, gospel music became a little more Pop and R & B, although I don’t know when GM started to change, I’m sure it was after this film.

Stuff Black Churches Like should post something about the commercialization of Gospel Music, Kirk Franklin’s Hip-Hop church music, and gay choir directors we love a la Tonex and of course, Sister Act.  Enjoy your Tuesday!

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