Tunes x Tuesday: When the Student Becomes the Teacher

It brings me such pride to know that the future of music WILL be in good hands. You know your job as a theater teacher is fulfilling when you hear about students foraging paths in the arts.  It makes what you do seem a little more important.  Just think, where would we be without art classes?

It didn’t take my former student Slick G. to figure out his passion.  With the help of The Digital Youth Network in Chicago and supportive teachers like…well, me he has turned his love for music, photography and writing into a business.

Slick G. née George Mikell was always that kid who had great manners, supportive parents, was unabashed and just plain dope!  He is a great improviser, has a cool blog, promising photography and now an impressive EP called No Regrets all at the tender age of 18.

I keep trying to tell people, that old adage “And a child shall lead them” is so true.  When you open the world of art to a child, no telling what they will become.  I can’t wait to see how Slick G. makes his mark on the world!  This type of feedback and reflection makes me want to get up in the morning and try to inspire another child-all-over-again.  Thank you George for teaching me…Kudos!!


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  1. Wonderful article about the importance of art to the youth! I will pass this one around! Keep’um coming TCC!!!!

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