Whose World is This: Mos Def on Broadway…AGAIN!

About six years ago Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago produced Charles Smith’s Free Man of Color.  You can find the description HERE.  When I heard that Jeffrey Wright and Mos Def would be playing opposite of each other in Free Man of Color I yelled with glee!!

I thought…FINALLY-African-American playwright, Charles Smith gets his due!  But to my chagrin, Charles Smith is NOT the playwright of A Free Man of Color at The Lincoln Center Theater on Broadway (starting Oct 23-January 2011).  It’s another playwright…a white man named John Guare.  THE John Guare who wrote Six Degrees of Separation.  I then looked at the description of his play and that’s HERE.

Totally different descriptions by two totally different playwrights.  Now, I don’t know about legal title dealings but is it ok to use the same name regardless of the article A in front of the title?  This is quite confusing.  Why hasn’t Charles Smith said anything?  Doesn’t he have the right?  Look how big the A is on the poster though.

These are times when I really wish I lived in New York.  Or maybe I wish I could teleport.  You can tell by the descriptions of both plays that they are POLAR opposites of each other. I don’t know when the Guare’s play was written and I’m not sure exactly when Mr. Smith’s play was written either.  I just don’t understand how you can have the same name?  Seems like someone should have changed theirs.

I’m really torn now.  Of course I want to see Guare’s play simply because Wright and Mos Def are in it, but now it’s like Fantasia, “bittersweet.”  I looked at the ticket prices and they range from $70-150 bucks! Wowzers!  Where’s 2AMt, Adam Thurman, and Parabasis with the discussion on THESE ticket prices?

I guess the closest thing I’ll get to that show is making my own dinner, surfin’ the net for tix to NY (that I won’t buy)  and listenin’ to this song.



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  1. Those ticket prices are kind of expensive. But I’d go with you… of course we going dutch though. 🙂

  2. I’m all about getting paid for your art. The Lincoln Center knows that it’s such a limited run of the show with limited amounts of seats. They know people are going to rush the theater to see Wright and Mos. I just wish they realized that this is a recession.

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