Samurai Sunday: GAMEPRO

First of all, you know I love Kung Fu and independent music.  This is a nice mix of when a good idea comes together.  It’s funny how 20 years can go by and you can reconnect with people who share the same interest and love for the arts.  Thanks to G.A.M.E.P.R.O. for the connect.


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  1. Thanks a lot for showing me love on your blog. Let me give you some history on this song. The producer of the beat to this song resides
    in Germany. I met him thru myspace back in 2007 when this song was actually recorded. I liked his style and hip hop authenticity in his sound. He liked what I was doing also. He sent me the beat and the rest is history… In the beginning is why I recite “From Chicago to Germany…” Check him out on myspace below:

    Pekka Die Beatmutter

  2. From Chicago to Germany reminds me of the Foreign Exchange collaboration. Thanks for commenting and subscribing to the blog! I really like your music. It has a chilled-out vibe with a positive message.

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