Tunes x Tuesday: 4 Women rock BLACK GIRLS ROCK!

Dayum Ledisi! She put some serious stank on it!  Her voice is sick!

I love the lighting choice. Beautifully lit.  Starting off the montage of Bessie Coleman was a dope idea!  Love the strong yet diverse voices from this performance.  I have to give it up for all of these women.  THIS was so powerful! Nina Simone would be proud!

It makes you think…why aren’t we showcasing these women?  Why are they not in everyone’s iPod?  Why does the industry push mess instead of content?  I know the answers to these questions…so do you.  It’s great that DJ Beverly Bonds took those steps to feature these talented women.  Kudos!

I think all of these women should make a CD together and tour! Now that would be something!

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