Tunes x Tuesday: Amanda Diva

Something just got a little more real about these Tunes x Tuesday blogs.  First of all, Amanda Diva is an artist.  What can’t she do? She’s an MC, a singer, a VJ (former MTV2 host), TV host (and an actress.  I’ve been a subscriber to her vlog DivaSpeakTV on Youtube for over a year now.  She has a great sense of humor, style and just exudes talent.  I really like this new single she has out called Manchild.  The blusey bass line gives way to her raspy singing voice which weaves truth-telling lyrics about a man who hasn’t grown up yet.

Sometimes when an artist goes from singing to rhyming it can be a little off-putting, but Diva does it with great ease. I really like the staging of this piece.  The black and white contrast works very well.  Even her climatic moment with the “late rent” notice picks up steam and shines.  Just curious if the piece ever denouements.  Regardless, it’s a tale many-a women have told.  I really appreciate the Aretha shout out!

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