Tunes x Tuesday: Big Thangs Poppin’

Now, I don’t condone T.I.’s current legal troubles but I do appreciate this song. The Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit is creating a movement and soon you will see us show and PROVE!  Are you ready cuz “Big thangs poppin’/little things stoppin’!”

I told you I can find theater EVERYWHERE!  This video is all about theater.  The braggadocio of  T.I.’s subconscious is where the marketing of your brand has to come from.  The TCC has been built on word-of-mouth but of course, that won’t be enough to sustain us.

The “Do-It” mantra…like Nike (Just Do It) is a major motivator within The TCC.  In the theater, there isn’t an already-made audience.  You have to create a place where they will feel comfortable coming to you.  You have “to do” what you need to do to get those “butts in the seats.”  Not anything illegal now…get ya’ mind out of T.I.’s!  (LOL!)  But you understand where I’m going with this.  You have to build a brand that audience members will subconsciously support.  Consequently, T.I. is a great example of this. Even with his current situation, he still has massive supporters.

Two wonderful things are happening right now. The TCC has been commissioned by WBEZ Public Radio to participate in WBEZ Public Radio Off-Air Series featured here.  I will be featured at Congo Square Theatre Company’s Festival on the Square during their women’s voices night on February 22, 2011.  Along with our new A La Carte series called “RHYTHM N’DUES!”  Stay tuned for all of the ducks to fall into a row!

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