Theater Thursdays: Not your Tyler Perry’s Medea by Euripides

Hey Circuiteers,

I’ve been looking for contemporary versions of Medea by Euripides and I found this cool, claymation video on Youtube.

Short, thorough and hilarious without being overly “serious.”  Beyonce’s Single Ladies took on a whole new meaning.  I can’t wait until you all see my version of this tale!

DIRECTOR’S NOTES: The problem that I have with Greek mythology plays is the performance.  They are turned into such a “snooze” fest.  I’m not saying we trivialize the theme of betrayal and infidelity.  But isn’t there a more energetic and artistic way to present the work.  I think directors lose the audience when they direct from an old translation or when they over think the story.  These stories have happened in “real” life.  This isn’t a new tale, there are tons of women who have murdered their children or the man’s lover because of betrayal.  These women “snapped“!  Sometimes you have to find another way to tell these stories that will keep the audiences’ interest.  In the case of the claymation, a little Beyonce’ never hurt NOBODY!


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  1. Interesting yet dramatic tale. I would love to see your twist on this story…

  2. I love yr. commentary on making the Greek tragedies live and breathe for us now. In a similar vein, as regards that issue with Shakespeare, have you seen Al Pacino’s “Looking for Richard,” about staging Richard III with a contemporary American cast? Amazing.

    If yr. looking for an extra set of eyes to check out rehearsals for yr. upcoming one-person show, please let me know. I’d gladly truck down to The TCC to offer some feedback and I’m sure the same goes for my “Some Giants”show director, Martha da Costa. She’s a brilliant theater mind who had wonderful training and shows in her native Brazil. My schedule (and Martha’s) is pretty open… Just let me know.

    Dan Hanrahan

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