Theatre Thursdays: The Return of the VOICE

Hey Circuiteers,

Wow! I have had a world wind experience for the past 3 months. I wrote, rehearsed and performed my first ever one-woman show called I Do for Congo Square Theatre’s Festival on the Square.  I Do was about Naima, a 30-something woman on the brink of marriage, has cold feet.  She tries to gain advice from her saucy sister Ravi and her level-headed best friend Karen. I played all three characters. Unfortunately the video nor the pictures came out.  So I really don’t have anything to show here. But I plan on performing it again.  Surprisingly I wasn’t nearly as nervous on stage as I thought I’d be.

In March, I wrote and directed a piece for WBEZ Public Radio‘s Alternative Theatre History Off-Air Series called Baba Wole. Baba Wole centers around a ritual sacrifice at The Goodman Theatre in 1979 during the production of Wole Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman.


Photo Credit: Jerry Schulman From Left to Right: Kenyetta Benton (Dancer), Obari Cartman (Drummer), Marc Rogers, Jim Shinkle, Kimm Beavers, Tiffany Williams, Keinika Carlton, LaNisa Frederick

I was doing so good with this blog and all of a sudden got caught in deadlines and rehearsals. So what’s new? I am working with several directors from around the world in an installation for About Face Theater, Hypocrites, and Collaboration’s The Woyzeck Project.  We are calling our production “W.” The directors hail from Germany, Canada, New York and of course Chicago! The idea is to create a contemporary analysis on the play Woyzeck by Georg Büchner.

I’m also participating in 50 plays by Joe Janes. A writer, producer and founder of Robot vs. Dinosaur. Within 50 plays Mr. Janes will write 50 10 minute plays. Hopefully by July you’ll see more original The TCC productions in my new series called “Throw some D’s on it!” Check our FAN page on Facebook for more info. I normally keep that one up-to-date.

For now, I’ll just share this video and allow you to enjoy your Thursday.


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