About The Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit

I can see you wondering…what the heck is The Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit?  But as you ponder the dichotomy, ponder this: Do you ever feel like you’ve spent money on a live performance and wanted to know more about it?  Do you sometimes walk away from the theater unfulfilled?  Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, then you’ll love what we’re doing at the Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit! Our vision is to bring the audience into the creative process of theater.  No longer will you, literally and figuratively, be left in the dark!  Join us on the last Monday of every month as we bridge the divide between the artist with monthly conversations called The A La Carte.

Our mission is to strengthen the connection between the artist and audience through monthly dialogues, actor training, interviews with theater practitioners and innovative performances.  Contact us at tccircuit@gmail.com.

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This is not a relationship blog or a music blog-it’s simply a blog about theater.  Theater from the director’s perspective.  I’m not trying to review music or the latest hair tips.  It’s my  view on theater and how it affects the director.  Enjoy!

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