Take it From Me Violence, Just Don’t Understand

Good morning Circuiteers!


So…this post comes a little late right? I’ve been so busy. I hate saying that but it’s true. I am proud to present to you a very special project that’s rather close to my heart. I have been working with some exceptional teens in Chicago. I believe that in order to stop the violence in Chicago one needs to listen. Sometimes having a little empathy goes a long way. Why don’t you hear what these teens have to say. 

The curtain rises:

WHEN: Saturday, July 26, 2014

WHERE: The Greenhouse Theater Center 2257 N Lincoln

TIME: 2:30 PM

COST: $15

Click HERE for more details. 



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The Tuxedo Junction is BACK and BETTER THAN EVER!
Join us THIS Saturday, November 16, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. We’re taking our tuxedos and bow ties to Victory Gardens Theater to see the provocative play APPROPRIATE by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins.

Call for tickets (773-871-3000) using the CODE #THECHIT and some of the proceeds from the $28 ticket will go to the arts and education initiative with The TCC.

Do it for the kids! JOIN US!

The Tuxedo Junction goes to Victory Gardens theater. JOIN US!

The Tuxedo Junction goes to Victory Gardens theater. JOIN US!


Back in December we had our first teen & young adult auditions for our new ensemble. I can’t wait to introduce you to our new team. We are opening the auditions up ONE more time!

If you know of a teen or young adult that wants to act, dance, sing, build, or write then please tell them about our upcoming auditions Saturday, January 19, 2012 from 12-2p.m.

Please bring a head shot. If you want to audition then please email tccircuit@gmail.com.




Hello Circuiteers,
It has been over a year since our last blog post. Boy have we been busy! To get to the quick of it…we are doing something exciting at The TCC!

We’re looking for a few great TEEN artist! If you’re interested in joining a growing ensemble in Chicago then please send an email to tccircuit@gmail.com for an audition time.

We look forward to seeing you at our auditions Saturday, December 15, 2012 from 12-2p.m.

We made it!!

I haven’t written a blog post in MONTHS! But thank you for searching for The Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit via google or looking for Betty White OR Kung Fu flicks.

All of those searches lead you HERE! I have to personally say that The Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit is not just a labor of love…it’s my LIFE and I’ve been directing plays and preparing for next year’s events!

Thank you all for supporting me! I try to update the FAN page on Facebook and looked today to find out we have over 800 followers!  We’ve made a huge milestone with our list so WE’RE HAVING A PAR-TAY!  Check back here for more details. I can’t thank you enough!


Samurai Sunday



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Theatre Thursdays: The Return of the VOICE

Hey Circuiteers,

Wow! I have had a world wind experience for the past 3 months. I wrote, rehearsed and performed my first ever one-woman show called I Do for Congo Square Theatre’s Festival on the Square.  I Do was about Naima, a 30-something woman on the brink of marriage, has cold feet.  She tries to gain advice from her saucy sister Ravi and her level-headed best friend Karen. I played all three characters. Unfortunately the video nor the pictures came out.  So I really don’t have anything to show here. But I plan on performing it again.  Surprisingly I wasn’t nearly as nervous on stage as I thought I’d be.

In March, I wrote and directed a piece for WBEZ Public Radio‘s Alternative Theatre History Off-Air Series called Baba Wole. Baba Wole centers around a ritual sacrifice at The Goodman Theatre in 1979 during the production of Wole Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman.


Photo Credit: Jerry Schulman From Left to Right: Kenyetta Benton (Dancer), Obari Cartman (Drummer), Marc Rogers, Jim Shinkle, Kimm Beavers, Tiffany Williams, Keinika Carlton, LaNisa Frederick

I was doing so good with this blog and all of a sudden got caught in deadlines and rehearsals. So what’s new? I am working with several directors from around the world in an installation for About Face Theater, Hypocrites, and Collaboration’s The Woyzeck Project.  We are calling our production “W.” The directors hail from Germany, Canada, New York and of course Chicago! The idea is to create a contemporary analysis on the play Woyzeck by Georg Büchner.

I’m also participating in 50 plays by Joe Janes. A writer, producer and founder of Robot vs. Dinosaur. Within 50 plays Mr. Janes will write 50 10 minute plays. Hopefully by July you’ll see more original The TCC productions in my new series called “Throw some D’s on it!” Check our FAN page on Facebook for more info. I normally keep that one up-to-date.

For now, I’ll just share this video and allow you to enjoy your Thursday.

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Theater Thursdays: Not your Tyler Perry’s Medea by Euripides

Hey Circuiteers,

I’ve been looking for contemporary versions of Medea by Euripides and I found this cool, claymation video on Youtube.

Short, thorough and hilarious without being overly “serious.”  Beyonce’s Single Ladies took on a whole new meaning.  I can’t wait until you all see my version of this tale!

DIRECTOR’S NOTES: The problem that I have with Greek mythology plays is the performance.  They are turned into such a “snooze” fest.  I’m not saying we trivialize the theme of betrayal and infidelity.  But isn’t there a more energetic and artistic way to present the work.  I think directors lose the audience when they direct from an old translation or when they over think the story.  These stories have happened in “real” life.  This isn’t a new tale, there are tons of women who have murdered their children or the man’s lover because of betrayal.  These women “snapped“!  Sometimes you have to find another way to tell these stories that will keep the audiences’ interest.  In the case of the claymation, a little Beyonce’ never hurt NOBODY!

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Tunes x Tuesday: I want you to play with my DING A LING!

Chuck Berry from London Sessions courtesy of Go Head On!

Now, I could have easily created a post on Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B Goode” or “Madelline” but why would I do something like that?  There’s a Laurel Thatcher Ulrich quote that says, “Well-behaved women rarely make history.”  So in the spirit of making history…check out Chuck Berry’s “Ding a Ling” song.  (Even The Simpsons’ got in on it too.)

“Ding a Ling” was Berry’s only number 1 hit on the U.S. Pop Charts.  Of course people wanted to ban it for it’s innuendo and tone…I can think of-a many songs that we should ban RIGHT now with no innuendo or creativity.  One particular Chicago crooner comes to mind.  Anyway-I thought this was hilarious!  You have to have a sense of humor to be apart of The Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit.

I loved the old Chuck Berry-he was a true performer and is always looked over as being a true pioneer of Rock and Roll.

Theater Notes: I love how hesitant the audience is until he gently coerces them into singing the chorus.  He’s humourous and his genuine demeanor eases the tension in the room.  I think we can take a couple of lessons from Mr. Berry.  If you want the audience to participate, you’ve got to make it fun, however, just don’t play with your Ding a Ling!

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Movement Mondays: The Next Movement & ?uestlove makes hilarious faces!

“Stop whatcha doin’/set it in motion/it’s the next movement”

I absolutely loved this video when it premiered back in ’99.  The Roots were good at creating cool videos.  This one of course, is no exception.  I love how the Flapper Girls are opening and closing the curtain and how The Roots change movement as the song progresses.  I told you theater is everywhere!

This is the Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit’s creed for 2011.  Are you ready?  I sure am!  Happy New Year and artistic possibilities! Are you looking for the next movement in theater?  Well, look no further!  Check us out as we bring some really cool programming your way!  Stay tuned! Enjoy Movement Mondays!

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